Florida Homeowners can now go solar without buying the solar system!

It was news to many in the Sunshine State that you do not have to buy a solar system in order to convert your home to solar.  As a solar energy company in Florida, our priority is to educate homeowners on the programs available to them in our great state.

In 2018 our leasing partner, Sunrun, was granted permission to lease solar systems to homeowners in Florida.  Because the homeowners are not actually buying the power but actually “renting” the solar system from Sunrun, this was approved by the State of Florida without any major changes to current law.

Homeowners that want to go solar can now do this by setting up this program through Florida Solar Power and partnering with Sunrun to install solar on their roof with zero upfront costs and a predictable fixed monthly payment.  This allows a homeowner to lock in a rate of power lower than they are currently paying for up to 25 years.

If a homeowner has a lot of sun on their roof and limited shading, they may see significant savings throughout the life of the agreement with Sunrun.   Florida Solar Power prides itself on providing education to homeowners and even a free custom proposal on what solar would look like on your home along with the pricing and savings these systems would create.

We are very excited to help Florida continue it’s path toward a green energy future.  Reach out directly if you would like to learn more about converting your home to solar.


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