Helping Floridians reduce their environmental impact and save money isn’t a job, IT’S OUR PASSION!

The team at Florida Solar Power has a passion for helping families reduce their environmental impact.   Going solar is something that we have a passion for and that makes going to work very easy everyday!

To date, our combined team has helped over 10,000 homeowners nationally convert their home to solar and take advantage of the amazing incentives that have been in place in the USA since 2005.

The cost of rooftop solar has continued to drop to a point that it is actually cheaper than what you are currently paying your utility company on a monthly basis.  So, our job is getting easier but we still have so much work to do.

Currently, just over 2 million homes have converted to rooftop solar in the United States and over the next few years millions more will make the conversion.  We are working hard to educate homeowners on the benefits for both the environment and the pocketbook.

The other thing that drives our passion is that when a homeowner converts their home to solar they do not have to change even one thing about their normal routine.  However, they will have significantly lowered their carbon footprint by an average of 15,000 lbs of carbon emissions annually.   This conversion has 3 times more impact on the environment than driving an electric car annually!

We love electric cars too!  But, when you power them and recharge them with rooftop solar you are really doing your part to lower you and your families emissions.

Below is a great picture depicting the average impact that happens when going solar ON JUST ONE HOME!


That’s some serious impact!  We look forward to being part of your solar journey.  Let’s make this happen and convert your home to be “Powered by the Sun”!

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