Over the last 50 plus years solar energy has proven itself to be the most reliable of all renewable energy sources and the costs have reduced to the point where not converting to solar will cost you a significant amount of money.

We have all decided that electricity on our homes is a comfort that we have all grown used to and can not live without. When deciding this fact, you have also assumed an expense that will follow you to each and every home you decide to dwell in with your family. UNTIL NOW!

When converting your home to solar you have the ability to change the relationship with your power company and become part of the solution to a more diverse and safer power grid in the USA. By converting your home to produce its own power, also by connecting this system to the grid, you will actually be reducing the amount of power the utility companies will have to produce using other sources. This lowers the amount of fossil fuels being burned and in turn helps us battle climate change effectively. Also, many systems can over produce power and you will be able to “sell” that power to the utility company for use later (Net Metering).

Currently over 2 million homes in the USA have converted to solar energy and in the not so distant future many millions more will come online. The current incentives available to make this happen are at the highest levels, homeowners who make the conversion now have significant reductions in costs that are supported by State and Federal governments. These current incentives are due to sunset over the next few years so investigating your homes viability for solar now will save you a significant portion of the cost to go solar.

-Reduce your carbon footprint

– Increase your property value

-Eliminate electricity expenses

-Insulate yourself from price increases

-Stop paying for power – Produce your own

-Stimulate your local economy and jobs

-Boost America’s energy indendence


This is the easy part!  We do all of the work for you.   The process to evaluate whether this will make sense for you and your family is as easy as 1,2,3 and decide!

1 – Reach out to our team members to explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

2 – Provide us some basic information and a copy of your recent power bill

3 – Assess the FREE custom proposal we will create for your home and situation

LASTLY, SAY YES!  Once you have assessed the numbers, we are certain that you will make the smart decision that others have and convert your home to solar energy.   We look forward to assisting in this process.